RIVERS shot a pilot in the Sierra Nevada, Colombia

RIVERS shot a pilot in the Sierra Nevada, Colombia

As we previously mentioned, in the past month of February 2023, RIVERS initiated the implementation of a documentary project. Taking into account the prior work carried out over several months, the RIVERS team formed the artistic direction of the documentary, comprised of filmmaker Mariona Guiu (Suricata stories), the Coordinator/Producer of the Documentary Project, Diego Padilla, and the Principal Investigator, Lieselotte Viaene. The direction focused on developing the overall narrative of the documentary and establishing its technical and conceptual foundations (March and April 2023).

The overall narrative is composed of a central theme that is divided into individual storylines filmed in different locations around the world where RIVERS conducts research. In each country where RIVERS operates, it has developed (or is in the process of developing) a network of experts in multimedia production or indigenous legal struggles to identify research topics and localized film narratives.

Last June 2023, a pilot filming was conducted in Colombia. In this case, the objective was to portray the legal innovation in the field of Colombian Transitional Justice, recognizing the territory as a victim of the armed conflict, as championed by Indigenous Magistrate Arhuaca Belkis Izquierdo. Building upon the collaborative work that RIVERS has been conducting with Belkis Izquierdo lawyer within the framework of Transitional Justice, this initial experience in narrative development and filming for RIVERS was developpedt by the audiovisual team led by Rosaura Villanueva (Choclo audiovisual) and Olowaili Green Santa Cruz, with the support of Mariona Guiu. The following images (photographed by Diego Padilla and Lieselotte Viaene) capture certain moments recorded throughout the filming days. To watch the Colombian teaser, click here.





Ana Paula García Nieto – RIVERS Project manager (University Carlos III de Madrid)

Diego Padilla – RIVERS Coordinator/Producer of the Documentary Project (University Carlos III de Madrid)


Ana Garcia