Podcast – Weaving waters

This podcast is inspired by the idea of weaving, an activity undertaken since ancient times by the indigenous peoples of Latin America and Asia. It involves arduous, manual and creative work, which is performed mostly by women. As has been documented in several archaeological and anthropological studies, weavings have historically been, for indigenous peoples, “the mirror of their cosmovision and identity and a form of trans-generational communication”. On the other hand, we also invoke the meaning of weaving from a political perspective, in which it is linked ‘to the exchange of words, to community processes and practices of resistance and transformation and to their construction and reconstruction.

Weaving Waters, seeks to weave a mosaic that brings together the diverse voices of filmmakers, judges, lawyers, journalists and academics from indigenous and ethnic peoples in different parts of the world. We will navigate the life stories of women and men from excluded peoples who transit between their language, culture, community and territory, and the modern Western world. We will talk with them about their life trajectories and challenges, but we will also get closer to their diverse definitions of water and law.