Episode 3. Indigenous Diplomats: weaving realities


Álvaro Pop (Guatemala)

Anexa Cunningham (Nicaragua)

Tarcila Rivera (Perú)

Shankar Limbu (Nepal)

Binota Dhamai (Bangladesh)

Sheryl Lightfoot (Canada)

In this episode, we have the privilege of hearing from Indigenous people from Bangladesh, Canada, Guatemala, Nepal, Nicaragua, and Peru. Each of them has served as Indigenous delegates before international organizations such as the UN. In RIVERS we consider the work of Indigenous diplomats as world connectors, whose roles are intertwined with those of knowledge brokers and ontological negotiators.

They serve as bridges between Indigenous worlds and the world of International Law. They are connectors of worlds, in charge of translating the cosmovisions and practices of their peoples, promote the recognition of their rights and transform the dynamics and language of international organizations created according to the Western idea of the world.

Concept, script, recording, production: Digno Montalván Zambrano

Script review: Manuel May

Spanish interpretation: by Ana Paula García Nieto and Manuel May

Editing, music, and mastering: Juan Pablo Alvarado

General coordination: Digno Montalván, Ana Paula García Nieto, and Lieselotte Viaene