Episode 1. Indigenous academics: weaving knowledge


Aura Cumes, anthropologist and thinker of the Katchiquel people of Guatemala

Abadio Green, linguist and ethno-educator of the Gunadule people of the Colombia-Panama border. Coordinator of the Indigenous Education Program at the University of Antioquia

Pedro Garzón, lawyer and traditional authority of the Chinaneco indigenous people of Mexico

Lisneider Hinestroza, lawyer, teacher and researcher of the Afro-Colombian people of Chocó, Colombia

Valmaine Toki, lawyer of the Maori people of New Zealand. Proffesor at the University of Waikato, New Zealand

Jonathan Liljeblad, consultant of the Pa-o people in Myanmar. Proffesor at College of Law, Australian National University

In the first chapter we talk to academics from indigenous and ethnic peoples in Asia and Latin America who are experts in legal studies and human sciences.

Taking into account their status as people located in between, as experts in international frameworks but also in the realities and ways of community life, we asked our guests about their experiences in the academic world and about their diverse views on water and law.

Concept and production: María Ximena González and Digno Montalván Zambrano

Script written by: María Ximena González

Recording and editing: Digno Montalván

Sound production: Carlos Bricio

General coordination: Ana Paula García Nieto and Digno Montalván