Indigenous water ontologies
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Ontologías indígenas del agua
Encuentros plurilegales
Traducción interlegal

RIVERS (2019-2024) is a research project that aims to produce ground-breaking knowledge, from an empirical, interdisciplinary and dialoguing perspective, about the contentions and challenges intrinsic to reconceptualising human rights with different ways of understanding and relating to water. The project is funded by the European Research Council (ERC), coordinated by Lieselotte Viaene and hosted in the Department of Social Sciences, at the University Carlos III de Madrid

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  • By Rachel Sieder and Lieselotte Viaene
    In June 2019 a video circulating on Facebook showing the disappearance of the San Simon river in Chisec, Guatemala, known for its tourist attractions, provoked an avalanche of reactions of dismay. According to public opinion, the death of the river was because it had been diverted by one of the many extractive projects operating in the territory of Alta Verapaz. ...

  • Blog Series “Nature and Its Rights” – Young researcher´s seminar April 2020

    By Carolina Angel Botero (Guest Author)
    Since the Colombian Constitutional Court issued judgment T-622 of 2016, in which it recognized the Atrato River as a subject of rights......

  • Speech Circle: The reparation of the Territory and Nature as victim

    Por RIVERS ERC Project
    To close the week of commemoration of the International Day of the World's Indigenous People, the Integral System of Truth, Justice, Reparation and Non-Repetition, the Ethnic-Racial Commission of the Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP) and the ERC RIVERS Project (UC3M) organized a debate on August 14, 2020 entitled: Harmony of Mother Earth: Reparation of the Territory and Nature as Victim. Judge Belkis Izquierdo of Colombia moderated the speech circle, which had as participants the indigenous lawyers Jovita Tzul Tzul (Guatemala) and Cecilia Baltazar (Ecuador), as well as the leader Maurício Ye'kwana (Brazil) and Lieselotte Viaene (UC3M). During the session, the participants shared their knowledge and experiences regarding: 1) the importance of Territory and Nature for their peoples; 2) the dynamics of violence and the main damages they face, and 3) their recommendations to materialize the reparation of Territories and Nature......

  • Blog Series “Nature and Its Rights” – Young researcher´s seminar April 2020

    By Digno José Montalván Zambrano (Guest Author)
    In February this year, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights set a new and controversial precedent about the protection of the right to land and territories of indigenous peoples......

  • Blog Series “Nature and Its Rights” – Young researcher´s seminar April 2020

    By Lieselotte Viaene, RIVERS principal investigator
    “The Tzuultaq'a is God because yoyo, it lives," an old Q'eqchi' woman in Guatemala told me. It was 2002 and I was a Belgian student of anthropology who thought she was being told about a belief, one more myth among the many held by Mesoamerican indigenous peoples......

  • Blog Series “Nature and Its Rights”: Young researcher´s seminar April 2020

    By María Ximena González Serrano (Invited Author)
    It´s been three years, as of May 2020, since the publication of the decision that recognized the rights of the Atrato river... ...

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