Indigenous water ontologies
Plurilegal encounters
Interlegal translation

Ontologías indígenas del agua
Encuentros plurilegales
Traducción interlegal

Join our webinar on empirical research in the UN human rights system

Human rights are increasingly a focus of research in the social sciences. The next RIVERS online seminar addresses the epistemological and methodological challenges of conducting qualitative research and legal ethnography within the human rights institutions of the United Nations. Join us on 17 May 2021...

The UNreal world of Human Rights: ethnographic fieldnotes in dialogue

By Marina A. R. de Mattos Vieira
It is a lovely afternoon in the end of July. […] Lucky visitors find their way across the hall to the windows and marvel at the beautiful view of Lake Leman 

‘Rivers to RIVERS’ – The many individual journeys to a collaborative research adventure

‘Rivers to RIVERS’ took place from 3 to 5 March 2021 in the form of a hybrid meeting. During the seminar, all members of the RIVERS project got to know each other and developed a common research plan. It all began with a book that...

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RIVERS (2019-2024) is a research project that aims to produce ground-breaking knowledge, from an empirical, interdisciplinary and dialoguing perspective, about the contentions and challenges intrinsic to reconceptualising human rights with different ways of understanding and relating to water. The project is funded by the European Research Council (ERC), coordinated by Lieselotte Viaene and hosted in the Department of Social Sciences, at the University Carlos III de Madrid

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