“Activist-scholarship and politically engaged research in a ‘decolonial’ legal anthropology” panel

Date: July 23-26th, 2024 – Barcelona (Spain)

Organizers: European Association of Social Anthropologists Conference 2024

Panel Convenors: Lieselotte Viaene (PI RIVERS/UC3M) and Matthew Canfield (Leiden Law School)

“Audiovisual Communication in Socio-Legal Research: Experiences, Experimentation and New Modes of Engagement” roundtable; presentation of “Indigenous Territoriality and the Law: Geography, Identity and Power” Panel 1; Chair at “Indigenous Territoriality and the Law: Geography, Identity and Power” Panel 2; participation at “Navigating the Terrain of Scholarship and Activism”

at Law and Society Association – Annual Conference

Date: June 6-9th, 2024 – Denver (USA)

Participate: Lieselotte Viaene (PI RIVERS/UC3M)

“Ecocentrism and Human Rights: Redefining the Human in Law” presented at the Session “Philosophical Approaches to Environmental Justice (Philosophy and Legal Theory V)”

Date: June 6-9th, 2024 – Denver (USA)

Organizers: Law and Society Association – Annual Conference

Participant: Digno Montalván (RIVERS/UC3M)

“Indigenous peoples and nature” presented at the Symposium on Emerging Issues in Environmental Rule of Law – Contributions from Academia and Civil Society to the Montevideo Environmental Law Programme

Date: May 30th-31st 2024, Hybrid: in-person in Nairobi & via webinar

Organizers: United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the International Council of Environmental Law (ICEL), the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M), the University of Vigo (UVigo) and the University of Nairobi, having the IUCN WCEL and the GJIE (Global Judicial Institute on the Environment)

Participant: Lieselotte Viaene (PI RIVERS/UC3M)

Seminar LXXVI SPA “Transitions, extractivism and corruption”

Law and Ecology Conferences (4th session)

Date: May 28th 2024, 11.00 am –  Room 1.A.01 Campus de Puerta de Toledo, University Carlos III of Madrid (Madrid)

Invited Professor and Researcher: Eduardo Gudynas – Centro Latino Americano de Ecología Social (CLAES)

Discussants: Isabel Wences (UCM), Breno Bringel (UCM), Lieselotte Viaene (RIVERS/UC3M), Digno Montalván Zambrano (RIVERS/UC3M)

Moderator: María Dolores Ordónez (UAH)

Public screening of Duty of Care, the Climate Trials

and Q&A session with the Documentary Director

Date: March 20th 2024, 06.00 pm –  Room 9.2.3 Campus de Getafe, University Carlos III of Madrid (Spain)

Invited: Documentary Director, Nic Balthazar – Docvilla audience award, Winner Green Horizons Award (online)

Discussants: Lieselotte Viaene (PI RIVERS/UC3M) and Digno Montalván Zambrano (RIVERS/UC3M)

Seminar LXXV SPA “Ecocene Politics”

Law and Ecology Conferences (3rd session)

Date: March 18th 2024, 11.00 am –  Room 17.2.75 Campus de Getafe, University Carlos III of Madrid (Spain) – On live on the YouTube channel derechoyjusticia

Invited Professor and Researcher: Mihnea Tanasescu – University of Mons, Belgium

Discussants: Carmen Pérez González (UC3M), Rafael Vázquez García (University of Granada), Digno Montalván Zambrano (RIVERS/UC3M)

Book presentation “Decolonizing political thought from and beyond academia”

Date: March 15th 2024, 12.00 pm –  Instituto Complutense de Estudios Internacionales, Campus Somosaguas, Universidad Complutense. Madrid (Spain)

Editors: Valentín Clavé-Mercier & Marie Wuth

Participant: Lieselotte Viaene (RIVERS/UC3M)


“Indigenous visions on nature/law: Mother Earth and Interdependency” presentation at Symposium Towards a Legal System in Harmony and Peace with Nature

Date: December 18th-19th 2023 Campus de Getafe, University Carlos III of Madrid (Spain) – Hybrid (in-person in Madrid & via webinar)

Organiser: ICEL, UC3M and UVigo

Participant: Lieselotte Viaene (IP RIVERS/UC3M)

Workshop Interrogating ‘Activist-Scholarship’ in Sociolegal Studies

Panel 3 : Research Priorities, Funding And Authorship

Date: December 7-8th, 2023 –  Duisburg (Germany)

Organizers: Mariana Prandini Assis (KHK and Universidade Federal de Goiás) & Matthew Canfield (Universiteit Leiden) at the Käte Hamburger Kolleg/Centre for Global Cooperation Research, University of Duisburg -Essen)

Participant: Manuel May (RIVERS/UC3M)

First National Memory Conference 2023

Date: November 29th-30th, 2023 – Lalitpur (Nepal)

Organizers: National Memory Network (NaMeNet)

Participant: Lieselotte Viaene (RIVERS PI/UC3M)

Podcast Weaving Waters launch event

Seminar – Weaving Waters: navigating digital streams through Indigenous Knowledge and Podcasting

Date: 22nd November, 2023 – Online

Organizers: Ana Paula García Nieto, Manuel May, Digno Montalván (RIVERS/UC3M)

Participants: Ian M. Cook (Editor-in-Chief, Allegra Lab & Podcasting Scholar for Hire), Elias Oxom (Prensa Comunitaria, Guatemala), Wendy Gerarldina de los Ángeles López Rosales ( Attorney, Notary and Defender of the rights of the Maya Kaqchikel community), Shankar Limbu (LAHURNIP – Nepal), Rosario Sul (Cultural Survival), David Berger (IWGIA), Jonathan Liljeblad (College of Law, Australian National University)

Moderator: Manuel May (RIVERS/UC3M)

9th Congress of Social Science Communication

Session IV “Science for the People” / INCLUSIVITY AND DIVERSITY IV. “The Challenges of Scientific Communication in the ERC RIVERS Project: Connecting Diverse Worlds in the International Legal Sphere” 

Date: October 25-27th, 2023 – Parque de las Ciencias, Granada (Spain)

Organizers: Asociación Española de Comunicación Científica – AEC2 / Granada Ciudad de la Ciencia e Innovación

Participants: Manuel May and Ana Paula García Nieto (RIVERS/UC3M)

Royal Geographical Society-IBG annual international conference – Session Climate changed (legal) geographies “Taking the Law for a Walk in the Anthropocene”

Date: 1st September, 2023 – Society and Imperial College London (United Kingdom)

Organizers: Royal Geographical Society

Participants: Diego Padilla and Digno Montalván (RIVERS/UC3M)

European Summer Research Institute (ESRI) 2023: “Sentience and Responsibility in Critical Times”

Opening panel: “Equanimity”; Workshops: “Interdependence & Law: Why & How?” and “Vision-boarding: Me-self inInterconnected Worlds”; and roundtable: “Ethics of Care in Academia (and Beyond)”

Date: 20-24th August, 2023 – Lama Tzong Khapa Institute, Pomaia (Italy)

Organizers:  Mind & Life Europe

Participant: Lieselotte Viaene (RIVERS PI/UC3M)

“Critique, Political Practice, Anthropology” – Roundtable “From Critique to Political Practice” workshop

Date: 12th May, 2023 –  University of Sussex, Brighton (United Kingdom)

Organizers:  EASA LAWNET workshop in collaboration with Allegra Lab

Participant: Lieselotte Viaene (IP RIVERS/UC3M)

“The not so ‘harmonious’ relationship between the right to territory of indigenous peoples and the rights of Nature: a critical approach to the ecocentric literature” presented at the round table “Law and More-than-human Societies”

Date: 1-4th June, 2023 –  San Juan (Puerto Rico)

Organizers:  Law and Society – Annual meeting

Participant: Digno Montalván (RIVERS/UC3M)

RIVERS, indigenous peoples and non-human rights: A South-South Dialogue” – Guess lecture

Date: 4th December, 2022 – Surkhet (Nepal)

Organizers: Mid-Western University – Central Department of International Relations and Diplomacy, Conflict and Peace Studies in Collaboration with all Graduated Schools of MU

Participant: Lieselotte Viaene (IP RIVERS/UC3M)


“Nature and Indigenous Peoples in Conflict and Post-conflict Scenarios” – Workshop Protection of the Environment in Times of Armed Conflict: Assessing implications of the International Law Comission’s Draft Principles and related issues

Date: November 18, 2022 – Madrid, UC3M (Getafe)

Organizers: ICEL/UC3M

Participant: Lieselotte Viaene (IP RIVERS/UC3M)