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Weaving waters: navigating digital streams through Indigenous Knowledge and Podcasting


Weaving waters: navigating digital streams through Indigenous Knowledge and Podcasting

Date: 22nd November

Time: 15h30 CET – Madrid / 09h30 CST – Guatemala / 23h30 AWST – West Australia

Format: Online

Organization and coordination: Manuel May, Ana Paula García Nieto, Digno Montalbán Zambrano (ERC RIVERS – UC3M)


Digital spaces have fundamentally transformed the way in which we connect as a global society. The emergence of new online communication tools and the rapid growth of digital media during the COVID-19 pandemic have opened doors to explore novel approaches to knowledge co-production and strategic dissemination. Today, knowledge travels from one continent to another in a blink of an eye by digital means. However, key questions about knowledge management remain unresolved. Similarly, the social responsibilities of academia towards Indigenous communities need to be reimagined in the framework of digital interactions.

As participatory media creation plays pivotal roles in expanding the digital media landscape, Indigenous media work often upholds Indigenous values and epistemologies.

To mark the launch of our podcast Weaving Waters, a RIVERS outcome in collaboration with Indigenous stakeholders, we are delighted to host a roundtable discussion together with our distinguished panelists aimed at sharing experiences on digital co-creation and strategic knowledge transfer. RIVERS takes this opportunity to embark on a conversation on the advances, obstacles, challenges ahead and visions for the future in navigating the unexplored digital currents while sharing and co-producing knowledge addressing key audiences.

Our podcast Weaving Waters weaves throughout the chapters a diverse range of Indigenous stories and testimonies to tailor a colorful sonic fabric. From filmmakers, judges, lawyers, journalists and academics from around the world, we delve into the life stories of women and men from local communities in continuous transit from their languages, worldviews and territories to the global stages of international law and human rights. At the same time, we will learn from organizations and Indigenous delegates themselves on how to leverage media to effectively communicate with global audiences.


15h30 Welcome and launching of the Podcasts Weaving Waters.

15h45 Presentation “Weaving water: navigating the digital currents from Indigenous knowledge and podcasting”

15h50 The emerging field of academic podcasting. Ian M. Cook. Editor-in-Chief, Allegra Lab & Podcasting Scholar for Hire

15h55 Round table “Navigating the Digital Currents”

Elias Oxom. Prensa Comunitaria, Guatemala

Wendy Geraldina de los Angeles López Rosales. Attorney, Notary and Defender of the rights of the Maya Kaqchikel community

Shankar Limbu. LAHURNIP, Nepal

Rosario Sul. Cultural Survival

David Berger. IWGIA

16h40 Conclusions. Engaged academia, Indigenous scholarship and multimedia. Jonathan Liljeblad. College of Law, Australian National University

16h50 Farewell and closure.

Ana Garcia