What does a researcher like yourself do in a place like this?

The European Night (and day) of Researchers in Madrid 2022 – 30 September 2022

What does a researcher like yourself do in a place like this? What is the point of research, the production of new knowledge if not to share it, to spread it? How this new knowledge contributes to improve our daily life?

Convinced on the relevance of scientific communication, the RIVERS project team participated on the events of The European Night of Researchers in Madrid (funded by the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation Horizon Europe Its main objective is to bring the researchers closer to the general public in order to create an understanding of the impact of researchers’ work on daily life.

In the morning, Lieselotte Viaene participated in Theatre and Science: Beyond Well-being (organized from the UC3M). This event was a show of scientific divulgation where theatrical scenes were alternated with talks by research staff of scientific projects of the UC3M funded by the European Research Council. Oriented to Secondary Education Centers, various aspects related to our well-being were addressed such as water, pollution caused by aircraft, the health of our cells or the impact of technology on the perception of our body. You can find her presentation in the following link.

In the afternoon, we participated in a face-to-face demonstration at the UC3M campus in Puerta de Toledo, where we proposed the issue “Let’s talk about water”.

Aimed at the general public, women, men and children, in a first moment we collected reflections about the water in their daily life. In a second moment, we provide them the testimony of an indigenous person, through some fragments of audio interviews carried out in the framework of the project.


Ana Paula García Nieto – RIVERS Project manager (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid)

Ana Garcia