Call for Papers for a Special Issue 2023 «Transitional Justice and Nature: a Curious Silence?»

A Call for Papers for a Special Issue 2023 «Transitional Justice and Nature: a Curious Silence?» of the international leading journal International Journal of Transitional Justice, co-edited by Lieselotte Viaene (RIVERS PI, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid), Peter Doran (Law School, Queens University Belfast) and Jonathan Liljeblad (College of Law, Australian National University in Canberra) has been launched.

This SI seeks to address an urgent need to generate dialogue between transitional justice scholars and environmental stakeholders about the nexus of (post) conflict issues and debates about “ecology”, “nature” and “environment” through a variety of critical lenses including posthumanism, (neo)-extractivism, ecofeminism, de/post-colonialism and/or indigenous and inter-legal perspectives.

It particularly encourages contributions from a broad spectrum of disciplines and stakeholders (scholars, practitioners, activists and judicial actors) located in the Global South and North creating South-North-South dialogues: transitional justice, critical legal theory, decolonial studies, environmental and ecological law, ecofeminism, indigenous studies, legal anthropology, political sciences, among others. We also encourage contributions from collaborative, co-creative, participatory action research initiated by local stake holders including indigenous, afro-descendent and peasant communities. These can include written and graphic contributions, e.g., poetry, spoken word, artistic expression, and musical lyrics, etc.

Deadline for submission is 1 June 2022.